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Investor Relations

A private holding company in real estate and media.

D.A. Carter & Company
2351 W Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75220

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The company

D.A. Carter & Company is a holding company with two wholly owned subsidiaries. Our product operations are in real estate, where we design residential homes and manage commercial real estate. See our businesses to learn more about each subsidiary. Our company also holds securities in publicly traded companies, helping provide long-term value.

Investor Resources

Annual Review 2021.

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A look into how we are returning value to our investors.

a look into how we did this fiscal year.

a letter from the CFO detailing our financial performance.

financial performance throughout the fiscal year.

information for investors.

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    FISCAL YEAR 2022

    Q2 Investment Report

    Q2 Real Estate Report

    Q3 Investment Report

    Q3 Real Estate Report

    Q4 Investment Report

    Q4 Real Estate Report

    FISCAL YEAR 2021

    FISCAL YEAR 2020

    FISCAL YEAR 2019

    More Financial Reports
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